About Us

Melding Franco-Anglo-American influences, The Shazzams have concocted a remedy for backbeat nostalgia. Justin Houser leads with songwriting, vocals and guitar, summoning blues, garage, country and punk that veers into psychedelia. Lyrically, Houser presents a sideshow of pugilists, animals, and literary monsters.

Unleashed from the mandolin, guitarist Raphael Dumas seized the Fender Jaguar and prowls through the songs, as debonair Stephen Harrison delivers a thumping, sturdy bass line, and the fierce drummer, Elisabeth Keledjian, wraps it in a tight package with a spray of jazz.

The Shazzams have just released “Fighting Trousers”, out now on CD and all major streaming sites.

“…original compositions backed up with undisputed determination by this tight-knit quartet that spotlights the acoustic and electric guitar, double bass and edgy, authentic, storytelling vocals.”

Rock&Folk Magazine, May 2018

“…des compositions originales défendues avec une détermination convaincante par ce quatuor soudé qui met à l’honneur la guitare acoustique et électrique, la contrebasse et un chant anglophone habité.”